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My View Fuzzy: Blackberry Summer by RaeAnne Thayne


The small town of Hope’s Crossing, Colorado seems like the best place to start over from being an undercover cop. Riley McKnight believes the same thing, which is why he takes the Chief of Police job in his hometown. His past behaviors are still haunting him and others still judge him but not Claire. She owns the beads store that is robbed which brings Riley and her face to face again.

Both with past crushes on each other that sparks present attractions, which both try to fight it. When Claire is in a car accident the community rally’s around to help her especially Riley. Tragedy brings down the thief, but sadness follows this small community especially because Riley’s family feels the impact. Claire knows her mother and ex-husband are against her getting close to Riley but she can’t help it. She is grown and has the last say. Will her decision back fire?

This was a wonderful story of a community’s inspiration and coming back together. This book had well-developed characters as well as storyline with just enough of romance. I also liked the mystery behind the Angel of Hope performing wonderful acts of kindness. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

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Fuzzy Findz, My Fuzzy View

Fuzzy Findz: Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch


My first Fuzzy Findz of September is a deal of a book, I purchased from Half Price Books. I can never pass up their percentage off sales. I also got this book because it reminds me of why I never joined any sidity sororities or socialite clubs.


I really related to the main character, Sarah Walters. She is a fun character who wants to be a Carmellias and enjoy her privileged life. The Carmellias is a socialite group of the wealthy and is important to be asked to join. Carmellias are women of many generations so it is a big deal if you are a part of the group. What makes me love Sarah’s character is that she has a tendency to make decisions that are out of the norm. She also not always polite about what she is doing, saying or her views.


This book starts with a young Sarah and carries you through to adulthood. It takes you on a journey where as the reader, I was able to learn as the main character you can never shake the environment you were raised in. Everyone you encounter and everything you do will affect you in every aspect of your life. It was great to discover this as Sarah starts realizing it as the story unfolds.

Therefore, Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch is my first fuzzy findz for September. I will be sharing the second fuzzy findz later this month. Stay tune!

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My Fuzzy View of Memory House by Bette Lee Crosby

Memory-House-ebookBette Lee Crosby entertains readers with her unique mysteries and this time is no different. In book one of The Memory House Collection, Memory House, Bette shares the story of Ophelia Browne, a elderly woman given the ability to safeguard memories so they are not forgotten. It takes a certain type of person to take on this big responsibility and now it is time for Ophelia to past the job on to another loving and caring person.

Annie Cross life is changing especially after meeting, Ophelia after walking into her bed and breakfast. She starts to believe there is a life after heartbreak. The two ladies get to know each other and soon Annie is picking up on the memories within the house. Ophelia is sure the memories have chosen Annie, she just has to convince her to accept. As time goes by, both ladies will meet some obstacles and Ophelia hopes this will not be the end.

What I love and enjoyed about this book was the bond that grows between Ophelia and Annie.  It was also enjoyable to see Annie discover the memories and how she handles it. The author doesn’t disappoint with the mystery element of the story and with characters that are easy to fall in love with.

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My Fuzzy View of The Good Neighbor by Amy Sue Nathan

good neighbor

Amy Sue Nathan is a women’s fiction writer that host Women’s Fiction Writers blog and the reason I picked the Good Neighbor to read. The character Izzy Lane tries to save face when her ex-husband Bruce brings his new girl friend to pick up their son. Izzy is trying to get over the break up hence the move back to her childhood home. Izzy decides to create her own boyfriend to show Bruce she has moved on.

Izzy starts blogging about her new beau, Mac which gets the attention of everyone including her friends Jade, Rachel and neighbor, Mrs. Feldman. Everyone wants to meet Mac especially since Izzy is being offer a huge opportunity that will help her and her son, Noah since his father is not coming through financially. As the story continues, Izzy finds out that someone suspects she is lying and wants to expose her. Izzy soon realizes she can lose everything even a real man whom she finds interesting.

The Good Neighbor brings an element of wisdom from Mrs. Feldman and an element of stretching the truth and consequences with Izzy. Just when you think the character will come clean the more something or someone interrupts the path. Amy Sue Nathan has written a compelling story of acceptance and forgiveness. Nathan also provides characters that will frustrate you (Bruce), share knowledge (Mrs. Feldman), tell you right from wrong (Rachel) and support you even though you’ve done wrong (Jade), which makes for a captivating book. I will definitely pick up another book by this author. If you love books about friendship than The Good Neighbor is the book for you.

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My Fuzzy View of Mattie’s Call by Stacy Campbell

Mattie's Call

In three previous novels, Stacy Campbell has given readers a view into the lives of families dealing with different issues, from infidelity and betrayal in Dream Girl Awakened, to grief, loss and forgiveness in Forgive Me, to mental illness and shame in Wouldn’t Change a Thing. With her fourth novel, Mattie’s Call, Campbell turns to three siblings needing a lesson that only a mother can provide.

The book starts with readers being introduced to Mattie Benson and her caregiver, Karen, an aide at Grand Oak Acres nursing facility. Mattie is close to Karen and feels comfortable complaining about her three children, whom she feels left her at a nursing home that has her trapped. Mattie’s children Gabrielle, Joshua and Alice hardly visit their mother, which gives her a sense of abandonment.

Mattie knows her children have issues such as Gabrielle loving to be taken care of by others and not seeing anything wrong with having a wealthy sugar daddy. Joshua having problems with commitment even though he believes in love. He can’t keep running from love or his past forever, which he soon finds out. Alice, the baby of the family, doesn’t make sound decisions, hence the loveless marriage she stays in. One day Alice makes a stop at home out of her normal routine, she witnesses an act that will forever change her life and one that may make her hard decisions easier.

When the three distance siblings are informed their mother has disappeared stipulations come with it. Mattie is challenging her children to change their ways or they will not receive their inheritance.

Once again Stacy Campbell has written a story with true substance opening the eyes of her readers to the importance of loving your family, flaws and all. This book has a great plot with a hint of drama, mystery and suspense. It is a wonderful story of a mother’s love and plans to teach her children a much needed lesson. If you love stories based on family units, this book and her previous books will be just right for you.

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My Fuzzy View of Broken Heart by Tyora Moody

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Josephine Reed-Powell is a detective, who after a year brought down a serial killer. It would seem to be an outstanding accomplishment but the limelight passes once Josephine is called to a new crime scene. She feels it’s a deja vu situation because everything seems so familiar.

This can’t be true she tells herself and her partner, Pete McConnelly as they start their investigation. The two partners questions witnesses, possible suspects and the closer they get the more Josephine feels it has Jeffrey Maddock written all over it. She knows he is behind bars but these things just can’t be that similar. Josephine tries to concentrate on the case as the reality of her home life test her patience. She is not only a working woman, mother and wife but being a cop is in her blood.

Bryan Powell, Josephine’s husband comes clean about his affair with a co-worker. He wants to work on their marriage but he is tired of competing with his wife’s job. Bryan also tries to consider their son in the dysfunction of a marriage that to him seems one-sided.

As the mystery unravels throughout the book, you find yourself rooting for Josephine and Bryan’s marriage. In addition to being a well thought out mystery, Broken Heart also has spiritual element that even though it doesn’t overtake the plot it fits right into place in it’s given area of the book. Having read previous books by this author, this new series definitely catches your attention with strong characters, everyday problems and a consistent storyline. The mystery element is just a plus.

To learn more about Tyora’s work visit her on the web at http://tyoramoody.com/