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A Women’s Fiction Book that Evokes Emotion

I have been on a mission to find as many gems in the Women’s Fiction genre as I can. I was surprised to find one at a Heart hospital while waiting for my little brother to come out of heart surgery. I picked up a copy of Words by Ginny L. Yttrup. I started reading it while there and upon leaving, found the nearest book store to buy it ( I couldn’t take the hospital’s copy).

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Ten-year old Kaylee Wren doesn’t speak. Not since her drug-addled mother walked away, leaving her in a remote cabin nestled in the towering redwoods-in the care of a man who is as dangerous as he is evil. With silence her only refuge, Kaylee collects words she might never speak from the only memento her mother left behind: a dictionary.

Sierra Dawn is thirty-four, an artist, and alone. She has allowed the shame of her past to silence her present hopes and chooses to bury her pain by trying to control her circumstances. But on the twelfth anniversary of her daughter’s death, Sierra’s control begins to crumble as the God of her childhood woos her back to Himself.

Brought together by Divine design, Kaylee and Sierra will discover together the healing mercy of the Word-Jesus Christ.

I immediately connected with the main characters, Kaylee, because of her outstanding faith that her mother would return for her. Also her strength in enduring everything she was going through with a man her mother should have never left her with. Sierra because I could understand the pain she was going through with loosing someone she loved and blaming herself. It was overwhelming when these two characters met but also exciting to see help arriving for Kaylee after all. This book shares two people needing to be saved from their current situations. After reading WORDS, Ginny L. Yttrup’s writing made me connect so much with her characters  that I can’t help but read the rest of her work.

Emotions displayed: compassion, sympathy, frustration, excitement, heartbreak and hope.

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My View Fuzzy: Blackberry Summer by RaeAnne Thayne


The small town of Hope’s Crossing, Colorado seems like the best place to start over from being an undercover cop. Riley McKnight believes the same thing, which is why he takes the Chief of Police job in his hometown. His past behaviors are still haunting him and others still judge him but not Claire. She owns the beads store that is robbed which brings Riley and her face to face again.

Both with past crushes on each other that sparks present attractions, which both try to fight it. When Claire is in a car accident the community rally’s around to help her especially Riley. Tragedy brings down the thief, but sadness follows this small community especially because Riley’s family feels the impact. Claire knows her mother and ex-husband are against her getting close to Riley but she can’t help it. She is grown and has the last say. Will her decision back fire?

This was a wonderful story of a community’s inspiration and coming back together. This book had well-developed characters as well as storyline with just enough of romance. I also liked the mystery behind the Angel of Hope performing wonderful acts of kindness. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

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Fuzzy Findz: Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch


My first Fuzzy Findz of September is a deal of a book, I purchased from Half Price Books. I can never pass up their percentage off sales. I also got this book because it reminds me of why I never joined any sidity sororities or socialite clubs.


I really related to the main character, Sarah Walters. She is a fun character who wants to be a Carmellias and enjoy her privileged life. The Carmellias is a socialite group of the wealthy and is important to be asked to join. Carmellias are women of many generations so it is a big deal if you are a part of the group. What makes me love Sarah’s character is that she has a tendency to make decisions that are out of the norm. She also not always polite about what she is doing, saying or her views.


This book starts with a young Sarah and carries you through to adulthood. It takes you on a journey where as the reader, I was able to learn as the main character you can never shake the environment you were raised in. Everyone you encounter and everything you do will affect you in every aspect of your life. It was great to discover this as Sarah starts realizing it as the story unfolds.

Therefore, Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch is my first fuzzy findz for September. I will be sharing the second fuzzy findz later this month. Stay tune!

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My Fuzzy Findz: Hidden Riches by Felicia Mason


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The cover of this book makes me wonder what riches are hidden and if the woman is holding all the cards to it. It is also the reason along with the synopsis that made me buy it. Hidden Riches is about bringing out the true color of three siblings once their eldest sibling dies.


Ana Mae Futrell, the eldest of the Futrell children has passed away causing her remaining siblings to return to North Carolina. Ana Mae is certain her two sisters and brother never made an effort to get to know her. She is able to turn the tables by leaving clues in a blanket sort of like her will.

Mary Coston, Marquerite Foster and Clayton Futrell all have the same thing in common, none of them really knew their sister Ana Mae. When they go back to their hometown to bury their sister the fortune she has left comes with stipulations.


As a reader, it was wonderful getting to know these characters. I enjoyed the clues in the quilt causing the siblings to come together, which ultimately made them learn more about themselves and their sister. This book was about family and working through their issues, but also made me want to call my family members just to check in.

Therefore, Hidden Riches by Felicia Mason is my fuzzy findz for July. I will be sharing my new fuzzy findz next month. Stay Tune!

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My Fuzzy View of Second House from the Corner by Sadeqa Johnson

Second House

Have you ever wanted to smack a main character for making wrong decisions? As of today, I have and her name is Felecia Lyons. This character has a beautiful life, a loving husband, three great kids and it’s all threatened because Felecia has a past she has tried to forget. We know the similar story line where the woman has to go back home to deal with what was left behind, but in Second House on the Corner it’s a little different .

Felecia gets up to the same routine everyday and sometimes wants to disappear just for a little alone time. Her routine takes a change when she receives a call from her past. Felecia should have realized this call was not going to be good and trouble would be right behind it but she doesn’t see the warning. Now her marriage is in trouble, she may have ruined her chance as a Dames (a socialite group she has been dying to become a member) and she has to deal with her best friend from way back demanding a favor that I know I wouldn’t give.

What I loved about this book is it has well-developed characters finding themselves in realistic situations. A stay at home wife wanting more personal time and her side acting career. A hardworking husband who wanted a pure wife, but who really is these days. A friend who hunts you down when there is a need and the group you have been itching to get into but may have to walk about from. And family members you want to separate from but know they are there when you need them.

The hint of drama is there, the reader’s frustration will be there and the secondary characters will keep you turning the pages. I haven’t related to characters in a book in a while but Second House from the Corner’s characters draw you in causing you frustration while also making you want to root for them. This is a wonderfully written story about a woman’s struggle of having her own, loving family, facing the past to have a future, marriage and forgiveness. This is not your typical story and readers will be captured by this author’s writing style, I know I was.

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Fuzzy Findz: The Summer of Me by Angela Benson

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My Fuzzy Findz for June is The Summer of Me by Angela Benson. The cover speaks especially to me, which is why I picked this book. The Summer of Me is about a single mother who is use to taking care of others while forgetting about herself. Destiny’s children go away for the summer leaving her to discover a lot about herself and what she has been missing.


Destiny is a devoted mother who looses herself in the acts of taking care of others. She soon discovers life after a break up is not that bad. She just needs to rediscover who Destiny is.

Daniel is a charming pastor who enters Destiny’s life via a set-up by friends. He is there to help in other capacities but learns a lot about Destiny when they start working together.

Bernice is a devoted friend to Destiny, who wants the best for her friend, meaning she needs to do something special for herself while the kids are away.

Natalie is also a friend of Destiny that sometimes can be a little overbearing and judgmental even though she means no harm.


As a reader, it was a nice journey for me to follow Destiny as her life evolves from her meeting Daniel, dealing with her friends and mother, starting school while working three jobs. Destiny is on a mission and as I continued to read her story, I couldn’t help but root for her. This book was about family, forgiveness and parenthood.

Therefore, The Summer of Me by Angela Benson is my fuzzy findz for May. I will be sharing my new fuzzy findz next month. Stay tune!

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Fuzzy Findz: Some Women by Emily Liebert


My Fuzzy Findz for this month is Some Women by Emily Liebert. The cover was interesting to me. It was the synopsis, which made me pick up this book. Some Women is about three women who meet in an exercise class and form a friendship. These three characters Annabel, Piper and Mackenzie are dealing with different issues, which forge their friendship even more.


Annabel Ford is a devoted mother making sure her household runs smoothly until her husband announces he is leaving.

Piper Whitley is a mother who has finally gotten over her daughter’s deadbeat father and moved on. She is currently in a loving relationship with Todd. Piper is not expecting the knock on her door to be the deadbeat father but it is.

Mackenzie Mead is married to the heir of Media Mead. It would be okay if it did not come with his overbearing mother.


This was an exceptional findz because seeing the connection these three women have and the strength they draw from each other is wonderful. It has drama, suspense and you are sure to fall in love with one of these characters, especially if you see yourself or someone you know within them.

Therefore, Some Women by Emily Liebert is my fuzzy findz for May. I will be sharing my new fuzzy findz next month. Stay tune!

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