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Fuzzy Findz: Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch


My first Fuzzy Findz of September is a deal of a book, I purchased from Half Price Books. I can never pass up their percentage off sales. I also got this book because it reminds me of why I never joined any sidity sororities or socialite clubs.


I really related to the main character, Sarah Walters. She is a fun character who wants to be a Carmellias and enjoy her privileged life. The Carmellias is a socialite group of the wealthy and is important to be asked to join. Carmellias are women of many generations so it is a big deal if you are a part of the group. What makes me love Sarah’s character is that she has a tendency to make decisions that are out of the norm. She also not always polite about what she is doing, saying or her views.


This book starts with a young Sarah and carries you through to adulthood. It takes you on a journey where as the reader, I was able to learn as the main character you can never shake the environment you were raised in. Everyone you encounter and everything you do will affect you in every aspect of your life. It was great to discover this as Sarah starts realizing it as the story unfolds.

Therefore, Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch is my first fuzzy findz for September. I will be sharing the second fuzzy findz later this month. Stay tune!

If you would like to know more about Katie Crouch or would like to purchase a copy of Girls in Trucks visit Amazon.com.



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