Who Did It?

4 Cozy Mysteries with Crazy Twists and Turns

shoot evil seed

The cozy mystery genre is full of humor, twists, turns and often has an unqualified individual who gets involved with solving a crime. The individual in this series features Abby Knight, a flower shop owner. Here are four books from the flower shop mystery series with some crazy twists and turns:


Shoots to Kill

Shoots to Kill has a funny cast of characters especially Elizabeth Blume, whom Abby babysat years ago. Elizabeth has gotten over it because she wants to be Abby. When she comes back home strange things start to happen. Abby finds herself accused for murder and having to clear her name.


Evil in Carnations

In Evil in Carnations, Abby finds herself playing matchmaker for her friend, Nikki. She convinces her friend to try speed dating where Nikki finds a date. Everything goes wrong once her date is found dead. Abby is determined to clear her friend’s name.


Seed No Evil

In Seed No Evil, Abby is trying to find a location for her wedding. Abby is all about protecting animal rights. When she finds out the charity’s director has been murdered, Abby steps him to help the case, especially since her mother is a suspect.

a root

A Root Awakening

In A Root Awakening, Abby and husband, Marco are looking for a house to purchase. In searching they step into a case after witnessing a man falling from a building.

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