Fuzzy Findz

My Fuzzy Findz: Hidden Riches by Felicia Mason


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The cover of this book makes me wonder what riches are hidden and if the woman is holding all the cards to it. It is also the reason along with the synopsis that made me buy it. Hidden Riches is about bringing out the true color of three siblings once their eldest sibling dies.


Ana Mae Futrell, the eldest of the Futrell children has passed away causing her remaining siblings to return to North Carolina. Ana Mae is certain her two sisters and brother never made an effort to get to know her. She is able to turn the tables by leaving clues in a blanket sort of like her will.

Mary Coston, Marquerite Foster and Clayton Futrell all have the same thing in common, none of them really knew their sister Ana Mae. When they go back to their hometown to bury their sister the fortune she has left comes with stipulations.


As a reader, it was wonderful getting to know these characters. I enjoyed the clues in the quilt causing the siblings to come together, which ultimately made them learn more about themselves and their sister. This book was about family and working through their issues, but also made me want to call my family members just to check in.

Therefore, Hidden Riches by Felicia Mason is my fuzzy findz for July. I will be sharing my new fuzzy findz next month. Stay Tune!


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