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My Fuzzy View of The Good Neighbor by Amy Sue Nathan

good neighbor

Amy Sue Nathan is a women’s fiction writer that host Women’s Fiction Writers blog and the reason I picked the Good Neighbor to read. The character Izzy Lane tries to save face when her ex-husband Bruce brings his new girl friend to pick up their son. Izzy is trying to get over the break up hence the move back to her childhood home. Izzy decides to create her own boyfriend to show Bruce she has moved on.

Izzy starts blogging about her new beau, Mac which gets the attention of everyone including her friends Jade, Rachel and neighbor, Mrs. Feldman. Everyone wants to meet Mac especially since Izzy is being offer a huge opportunity that will help her and her son, Noah since his father is not coming through financially. As the story continues, Izzy finds out that someone suspects she is lying and wants to expose her. Izzy soon realizes she can lose everything even a real man whom she finds interesting.

The Good Neighbor brings an element of wisdom from Mrs. Feldman and an element of stretching the truth and consequences with Izzy. Just when you think the character will come clean the more something or someone interrupts the path. Amy Sue Nathan has written a compelling story of acceptance and forgiveness. Nathan also provides characters that will frustrate you (Bruce), share knowledge (Mrs. Feldman), tell you right from wrong (Rachel) and support you even though you’ve done wrong (Jade), which makes for a captivating book. I will definitely pick up another book by this author. If you love books about friendship than The Good Neighbor is the book for you.

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