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In My Fuzzy Neighborhood today is author Lola Jaye. She is part of HarperCollins and has penned four novels and a self-help book.

Lola was born and raised in London, England and has lived briefly in Nigeria. She has a Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Psychotherapy and Counseling. As well as releasing books in the United States and the UK Lola’s novels have also been translated into several languages including Korean, German and Serbian. In 2014 she contributed to the sequel of the bestseller ‘Lean In’ penned by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and has also written for The Huffington Post, CNN, Essence and Marie Claire.

Lola currently lives in Atlanta, USA where she works as a Writing Coach and Editor. She is also working on her new book and a YA novel under a pseudonym.

Visit her online at,,, Instagram: ellejwrites or drop her a note at

Let’s get to know a little more about Lola Jaye:

FF: Can you tell us 4 words that describe your writing style?

LF: Emotive, ironic, witty and real

FF: Do you have a writing process? If yes, briefly explain.

LF: Now I live in Atlanta my routine has changed. I try to write in various coffee shops in the city but tend to spend most of my time in one particular café where they brew a mean mango green tea! I have a particular seat at the back and the staff are generally surprised if I order something other than my ‘usual.’ I am a creature of habit.

I get a few hours of writing in before lunch and get back to it afterwards. I find writing a little more difficult after lunch (food coma!) so the bulk of my work is done in the morning.

FF: Why do you write books?

LF: That’s like asking me, ‘Why do you breathe?’ I have to. I need to.

FF: What genre do you write in? Why do you believe this genre chose you?

LF: My early books are written in the women’s commercial fiction genre. However, I just write what I want to read and what I hope everyone should want to read. I am ‘secretly’ writing a Young Adult novel under a pseudonym. I’ve been bursting to get this story out for many years and feel the time is NOW. I’d want to read this story and I’m hoping others will too!

FF: Describe your ideal place of escape to write your books.

LF: A fully contained multicoloured beach house overlooking calm turquoise waters and containing; a mini transparent fridge stacked with 1950’s style Coke in a bottle; WiFi’s that only switches on once a day; a really good ergonomic chair; and a number for a restaurant that delivers a great kale salad and chicken wings. This place of course exists entirely in my head.

FF: Tell us about your current book.

LF: My current book is still being formulated on the computer screen so I can’t tell you much about that, only it’s a lot darker than my previous novels. This wasn’t something I planned. I simply allowed my mind and fingers to do its thing. Developed a character I liked the sound of and take her through a journey I myself would never want to take. It involves people trafficking and lots more of the ‘fun’ stuff humans like to think is okay to inflict onto others.

FF: What is one tip you would give authors on how to show appreciation for their readers?

LF: Answering emails is a great way to show appreciation. However it can take time to respond, especially if you are in the middle of writing a book and promoting it. But readers are so important to the process. They take the time out to read the stuff that comes out of our heads. They use their money to download or buy a physical book, trusting that you will entertain, move or transform them in some way. I still get thrills when I receive an email referencing a book I wrote many years ago. Hearing that I have managed to touch someone living 5,000 miles away is actually priceless.

FF: If you could collaborate on a book with any author, who would it be and why?

LF: Lolita Files. I read her early novels many years ago and whilst I was unpublished she (and many others) inspired my own journey. She is AWESOME. She’s now a fancy scriptwriter in Hollywood and I’m still waiting for her next novel. Perhaps if I promise to write half of it with her, she may get on with it. earth calling Lolita…

Fun Facts

FF: What is your favorite thing to do before a book signing?

LF: Flex my fingers!

FF: What city would you love to have a book signing or speaking engagement?

LF: Atlanta! My new adopted home.

FF: What is your favorite drink or beverage?

LF: Coke-but only from a 1950’s style glass bottle. This is an obsession.

FF: Are you a early bird or night owl?

LF: Both

Getting Serious

FF: What advice would you give your younger self?

LF: Enjoy the moment.

FF: What is one thing you would change about your life?

LF: More sleep.

FF: What is your motto for life and career?

LF: There are a few. Never give up. Keep going. Trust in your abilities and if you are spiritual, trust in God. Know that we all have a purpose on this earth. The purpose of one person might be to touch the loves of a million people, whilst yours might be to touch just one person. Never underestimate what your contribution, big or small, can lead to. Never, ever compare yourself to others-simply be in competition with the woman/man staring back at you in the mirror.

FF: What is your favorite scripture or quote?

LF: Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

“Don’t let success go to your head and failure to your heart.” – Will Smith

To purchase copies of Lola Jaye’s current titles click the image or visit her author page, click here

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