All Things Women Fiction

All Things Women Fiction: Four Women Fiction Books Worth Reading

I shared before what I look for when purchasing women fiction books. In All Things Women Fiction, I am sharing four books in this genre worth reading. These four books provide enough drama, suspense and women trying to better themselves. These are books I have read and give my stamp of approval.

I love suggesting books I believe avid readers will enjoy. Here are my four picks for June:

Little Mercies by Heather Gudenkauf

littlemerciesnew-197x300Talk about a book that captures your attention. Little Mercies draws you into the life of Ellen Moore, a social worker who has seen it all in her line of work. She is tired, goes over and beyond for her clients, and tries her best to keep her life in order. In one day that all changes and it gets a little tricky for Ellen when the tables turn and she is the accused. Click image to purchase.



Some Women by Emily Liebert

some-womenSome Women enlightens you on the bonding of three women and the importance of friendship. This book is about three women who meet at an exercise class, each going through their own issue but find the time to help each other through them. I can say there were some twists that I was not expecting. If you want to know more, check out My Fuzzy Findz on this title here. Click image to purchase


Second House on the Corner by Sadeqa Johnson

Second HouseThis is a book holds you captive as you enter the life of Felicia Lyons. She is a mother of three who is tired of the day-to-day of her life. Unexpectedly, Felicia is hit with obstacles threating the very life she cannot help but complain about and finds herself fighting hard to keep. Ladies, we all can relate to Felicia trust me after reading this book you will see. Click image to purchase.



The Accidental Bestseller by Wendy Wax


This is my absolute favorite book by this author. It is about four aspiring authors Mallory, Tanya, Faye and Kendall who meet at a conference. All of them remain friends years later. Kendall has a deadline but also has writers block so her friends decide to come to her rescue. You just have to read it to see how helping friends just might backfire. Click image to purchase.


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