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My Fuzzy View of Second House from the Corner by Sadeqa Johnson

Second House

Have you ever wanted to smack a main character for making wrong decisions? As of today, I have and her name is Felecia Lyons. This character has a beautiful life, a loving husband, three great kids and it’s all threatened because Felecia has a past she has tried to forget. We know the similar story line where the woman has to go back home to deal with what was left behind, but in Second House on the Corner it’s a little different .

Felecia gets up to the same routine everyday and sometimes wants to disappear just for a little alone time. Her routine takes a change when she receives a call from her past. Felecia should have realized this call was not going to be good and trouble would be right behind it but she doesn’t see the warning. Now her marriage is in trouble, she may have ruined her chance as a Dames (a socialite group she has been dying to become a member) and she has to deal with her best friend from way back demanding a favor that I know I wouldn’t give.

What I loved about this book is it has well-developed characters finding themselves in realistic situations. A stay at home wife wanting more personal time and her side acting career. A hardworking husband who wanted a pure wife, but who really is these days. A friend who hunts you down when there is a need and the group you have been itching to get into but may have to walk about from. And family members you want to separate from but know they are there when you need them.

The hint of drama is there, the reader’s frustration will be there and the secondary characters will keep you turning the pages. I haven’t related to characters in a book in a while but Second House from the Corner’s characters draw you in causing you frustration while also making you want to root for them. This is a wonderfully written story about a woman’s struggle of having her own, loving family, facing the past to have a future, marriage and forgiveness. This is not your typical story and readers will be captured by this author’s writing style, I know I was.

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