Fuzzy Findz

Fuzzy Findz: The Summer of Me by Angela Benson

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My Fuzzy Findz for June is The Summer of Me by Angela Benson. The cover speaks especially to me, which is why I picked this book. The Summer of Me is about a single mother who is use to taking care of others while forgetting about herself. Destiny’s children go away for the summer leaving her to discover a lot about herself and what she has been missing.


Destiny is a devoted mother who looses herself in the acts of taking care of others. She soon discovers life after a break up is not that bad. She just needs to rediscover who Destiny is.

Daniel is a charming pastor who enters Destiny’s life via a set-up by friends. He is there to help in other capacities but learns a lot about Destiny when they start working together.

Bernice is a devoted friend to Destiny, who wants the best for her friend, meaning she needs to do something special for herself while the kids are away.

Natalie is also a friend of Destiny that sometimes can be a little overbearing and judgmental even though she means no harm.


As a reader, it was a nice journey for me to follow Destiny as her life evolves from her meeting Daniel, dealing with her friends and mother, starting school while working three jobs. Destiny is on a mission and as I continued to read her story, I couldn’t help but root for her. This book was about family, forgiveness and parenthood.

Therefore, The Summer of Me by Angela Benson is my fuzzy findz for May. I will be sharing my new fuzzy findz next month. Stay tune!

If you would like to know more about Angela Benson or would like to purchase a copy of The Summer of Me visit www.angelabenson.com.


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