Fuzzy Findz

Fuzzy Findz: Some Women by Emily Liebert


My Fuzzy Findz for this month is Some Women by Emily Liebert. The cover was interesting to me. It was the synopsis, which made me pick up this book. Some Women is about three women who meet in an exercise class and form a friendship. These three characters Annabel, Piper and Mackenzie are dealing with different issues, which forge their friendship even more.


Annabel Ford is a devoted mother making sure her household runs smoothly until her husband announces he is leaving.

Piper Whitley is a mother who has finally gotten over her daughter’s deadbeat father and moved on. She is currently in a loving relationship with Todd. Piper is not expecting the knock on her door to be the deadbeat father but it is.

Mackenzie Mead is married to the heir of Media Mead. It would be okay if it did not come with his overbearing mother.


This was an exceptional findz because seeing the connection these three women have and the strength they draw from each other is wonderful. It has drama, suspense and you are sure to fall in love with one of these characters, especially if you see yourself or someone you know within them.

Therefore, Some Women by Emily Liebert is my fuzzy findz for May. I will be sharing my new fuzzy findz next month. Stay tune!

If you would like to know more about Emily Liebert or would like to purchase a copy of Some Women visit www.emilyliebert.com



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