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My Fuzzy View of Broken Heart by Tyora Moody

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Josephine Reed-Powell is a detective, who after a year brought down a serial killer. It would seem to be an outstanding accomplishment but the limelight passes once Josephine is called to a new crime scene. She feels it’s a deja vu situation because everything seems so familiar.

This can’t be true she tells herself and her partner, Pete McConnelly as they start their investigation. The two partners questions witnesses, possible suspects and the closer they get the more Josephine feels it has Jeffrey Maddock written all over it. She knows he is behind bars but these things just can’t be that similar. Josephine tries to concentrate on the case as the reality of her home life test her patience. She is not only a working woman, mother and wife but being a cop is in her blood.

Bryan Powell, Josephine’s husband comes clean about his affair with a co-worker. He wants to work on their marriage but he is tired of competing with his wife’s job. Bryan also tries to consider their son in the dysfunction of a marriage that to him seems one-sided.

As the mystery unravels throughout the book, you find yourself rooting for Josephine and Bryan’s marriage. In addition to being a well thought out mystery, Broken Heart also has spiritual element that even though it doesn’t overtake the plot it fits right into place in it’s given area of the book. Having read previous books by this author, this new series definitely catches your attention with strong characters, everyday problems and a consistent storyline. The mystery element is just a plus.

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