Four Ways A Writing Coach Can Help You Finish Your Manuscript


When I started my writing journey, I ran into many roadblocks. Those blocks were writer’s block, time management issues and plan old procrastination. After battling these issues, I finally sent my manuscript to my editor. I started to wonder if having a writing coach would have made my road easier.

OnBeingaWriterCoverI recently attended a workshop presented by Charity Singleton Craig and Ann Kroeker, authors of On Being A Writer. These women caught my interest and both offer writing coaching services. After reviewing their sites, other writing coaches sites and interviewing a few, I was able to pinpoint what my needs were and recognized four ways working with a writing coach would help a writer finish their manuscript.

Let’s review the four ways.

  • Honest Critique-a writing coach will give you an honest critique of your work and with love. The coach’s criticism is to help you grow as a writer and hone your craft. No sugar coating, no lying because it won’t help you if he or she did.
  • Brainstorming-a coach will brainstorm ideals with you, giving positive suggestions to help improve your story. This will help your storyline and may uncover some hidden subplots.
  • Time Management-a coach will help you establish writing goals, create a writing schedule and will check on you to make sure you are staying on track.
  • Accountability-a coach will act as your accountability partner, making sure you complete tasks. He or she will meet with you and do a review or overview of what you have accomplished, what needs improving and will back it up with love and encouragement.

Let’s recap!

The four ways a writing coach can help you finish your manuscript is by providing honest critiques, brainstorming ideals and subplots, putting you on a writing schedule to help manage your time and acts as your accountability partner, making sure you accomplish your goals and complete all tasks. In addition, some writing coaches are editors, who can help you clean up your manuscript, getting it ready per industry standards.

Do you believe you are ready for a writing coach? If you already work with a writing coach, drop their name in the comments, so others may be able to use their services.



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