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Author Dominique Watson

Dominique Watson

In My Fuzzy Neighborhood today is published author/entrepreneur, Dominique Watson. Dominique has published fourteen books in the genres of poetry, inspiration and urban Christian fiction, including her most popular series, Concealed Betrayal and Secrets and Deception.

She recently introduced readers to a new series featuring Detective Scarlett Fry.  Dominique is also the Founder and Owner of Diamond M’press Publications. She spends a lot of time mentoring authors and writers through Literary Career Moves, which can be found at

Dominique was voted as AAMBC Author of the Year in 2014. She’s also the owner of PEN’Ashe Literary Magazine

I took some time to get to know Dominique and asked about her writing, fun facts and about her favorite motivational quote.

Getting to Know

FF: Can you tell us 4 words that describe your writing style?

DW: Creative, Cliffhanger, Descriptive and Relatable

FF: Do you have a writing process? If yes, briefly explain.

DW: I don’t really have a writing process. I use an outline for every story. I write whenever I feel the creative juices hit me.

FF: Why do you write books?

DW: I love to write. It’s a passion of mine and always has been. I love to create stories, people and different worlds as well as entertain people.

FF: What genre do you write in? Which genre is your favorite?

DW: I write in Mystery and Suspense, Urban/Christian Fiction, Inspirational and Poetry. I don’t really have a favorite. I love them all equally.

FF: Describe your ideal place of escape to write your books.

DW: Probably by the water or somewhere outside. I think just being outdoors is so peaceful.

FF: Tell us about your current book.

DW: Concealed Betrayal 4 is the last book in the Concealed Betrayal Series. It answers a lot of questions, closes the series up nicely. Book three was left with a huge cliffhanger so I believe my readers were anxious to see how everything played out.

Fun Facts

FF: What is your favorite thing to do before a book signing?

DW: Practice my signature. LOL!

FF: What city would you love to have a book signing or speaking engagement?

DW: Paris, France. I’ve been there. I loved the city!

FF: What is your favorite drink or beverage?

DW: Cream soda

FF: Are you a early bird or night owl?

DW: I’m both, sadly. I like to read late at night and I like to wake up super early to get work done.

FF: If you could collaborate on a book with any author, who would it be and why?

DW: James Patterson or Joy Deja King, I love both of them. I love their work. Love their motivation as authors. I’d love to collab with them.

FF: What is one tip you would give authors on how to show appreciation for their readers?

DW: Be appreciative of all reviews and feedback. Thank them for taking the time to support you. Don’t bash them on social media for not giving you the feedback you wanted. Do giveaways sometimes and remember the consistent readers.

Getting Serious

FF: What advice would you give your younger self?

DW: Never sign a contract. You have to know how to do it on your own.

FF: What is one thing you would change about your life?

DW: I wouldn’t. God made me who I am for a reason. I embrace that.

FF: What is your motto for life and career?

DW: For my life, “Don’t come for me. I’m a loner for a reason” My career, “Do it for you and you’ll always be happy.”

FF: What is your favorite scripture or quote?

DW: “If you don’t love yourself enough to invest in yourself, nobody will.” -Joy Deja King

You can learn more about Dominique Watson at

She can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram.

Purchase Concealed Betrayal 4 visit


Concealed Betrayal 4; My Saving Grace picks up right where book three left off.

Harmony has just lost her father. In need of a mother’s touch, she goes to visit her mother only to find her knocking on deaths door.

Meanwhile, Zora has found a new life and new love in her ex. She’s beaming from ear to ear and things couldn’t be better until she realizes the hurt and pain her Goddaughter is facing. Zora takes matters into her own hands bringing healing to those closest to her.

Concealed Betrayal 4; My Saving Grace is the perfect end to a heartfelt series. With readers wondering about past enemies and new loves, all questions are answered while visiting past friends and mending broken hearts.

Concealed Betrayal 4 will not leave you dry eyed.



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